Gregory Crewdson Photography

Nascut la New York, in 1962 – 26 septembrie este profesor la Universitatea Yale.

Bazandu-se pe o estetica aparte, Gregory Crewdson este unul dintre cei mai influenti  fotografi americani.

Tatal – un psihoanalist cu biroul la subsolul casei – vorbea despre clientii lui si povestile lor ciudate. Majoritatea fotografiilor au la baza imaginile copilariei si povestile tatalui.


Fiecare fotografie este elaborata  alaturi de o echipa profesionala ce ajuta la realizarea proiectelor. Construieste studiouri mari, asemanatoare platourilor de filmare. Imaginile parca deruleaza un intreg film in mintea fiecarui privitor. Realismul psihologic pune in evidenta o lume fascinanta, misterioasa si dramatica.





































       “I think I always have been drawn to photography because I want to construct a perfect world. I want to try to create this moment that is separate from the chaos of my life, and to do that I think I create enormous disorder. And I like that craziness because I think that it creates almost a sort of neurotic energy on the set, and through that there is a moment of transportation. And in all my pictures what I am ultimately interested in is that moment of transcendence or transportation, where one is transported into another place, into a perfect, still world. Despite my compulsion to create this still world, it always meets up against the impossibility of doing so. So, I like the collision between this need for order and perfection and how it collides with a sense of the impossible. I like where possibility and impossibly meet.”

Gregory Crewdson


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