Genis Carreras este un designer grafic in varsta de 23 de ani, fiind stabilit in Londra. In prezent el este creative designer la agentia Mint Digital, facand parte dintr-o echipa de cercetare numita Foundry, care exploreaza obiectele fizice care se conecteaza la web prin tehnologii digitale.

Philographics este un proiect personal al acestuia, ce are ca scop explicarea teoriilor filozofice complexe prin forme de baza, utilizand geometria simpla si culoarea. Practic sunt explicate filozofiile principale printr-un design simplu si eficace. Rezultatele pot fi privite atat ca elemente de design cat si ca resurse educationale.

“My purpose was to turn something complex into something simple, allowing people to understand it quickly and almost instinctively.”

“The goal was to create a new language to communicate philosophy visually, sometimes illustrating metaphors and others reinventing existent symbols. Using the same structure and negative space and just changing the shape or the color increased the sense of unity. That’s why the outcome works better as an ensemble rather than individual pieces.”



“A lot of people create beautiful things, and a lot of people create useful things. I think there’s a gap in-between that is the playground for us, the designers.”

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